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KlearSkool is a complete solution for on-campus and off-campus management for any educational system. KlearSkool is a fully web-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. It uses a centralized database to keep all the data in one place and dramatically improves workflows. Discover the freedom of having a complete management system at your fingertips!

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We take product delivery very seriously. We believe that a product is truly useful only as long as it helps meet the end-users’ specific goals. With this in mind, we provide customized solutions for our clients. Our aim is to help them achieve dramatic improvements in their workflow


Best suited for management of Group of Institutions who want to control more than one school or college from single platform. Get 360-degree view on the updates from the entire groups which can be access from super-admin dashboard

Benefits of KlearSkool

KlearSkool is a user-friendly system that can be used by the administration staff, teachers, parents, and students. It has amazing benefits for the school’s ecosystem such as:


  • Increase in productivity for everyone. No more waiting. Use KlearSkool anytime, anywhere for quick access to all school-related data.
  • Go paperless. All your data is maintained securely in the database so you don’t have to maintain physical files and folders. No need to print receipts, notices, circulars with the inbuilt messaging system.
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Anybody can learn using KlearSkool with our training.

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