01. Does KlearSkool support third party plugins?

Yes, you can effortlessly integrate the third-party plugins with KlearSkool such as Bio metric system,  Email, Payment gateway, and GPS tracking integration

02. What happens to the information when the academic year rolls over?

All the historical data kept at a centralized place, and none of it’s get deleted. All the relevant users have access to their data, even when the academic year is rolled-over.

03. Can I try KlearSkool for free?

We are very confident with our product, that we are willing to offer schools a one term trial so they can see the benefits of the system before signing up

04. What measures do we take for data security?

Keeping the school data safe and secure is the topmost priority of KlearSkool. We offer full privacy to school data as per industry standard. The data remain fully encrypted when it has stored in KlearSkool system

05. Does KlearTech offer training and support?

We at Kleartech Solutions pride ourselves with the training  and support we provide to our clients . We know getting used to a system takes time, that’s why we offer an all year round support to our client. You can connect with KlearSkool  experts any time through  calls, email, chat and also raise the ticket on KlearSkool Support Site

06. Can I pay school fees via KlearSkool?

KlearSkool has been integrated with an online payment gateway which allows parents to make payment via mobile money and bank cards. Once payment has been made, the system will generate a receipt for the parents and it will automatically update the payment on the system.